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What if there was no devil for one day?

Posted on:August 17, 2023 at 05:06 AM

A friend of mine, Hafiz from Sales, asked randomly, “Have you ever wondered if there is no devil, just for one day?”

For sure, I thought, world will be at peace. No death due to people killing each other, people will pray like there is no tomorrow, and wealthy people will look after the poors.

His answer was “There will be no sales, no commerce, no money flow”.

“Devil” sparks human desire to acquire things. From this desire, people are willing to make dealings in order to gain the items. There will be profit taking for the transaction, thus, sales are made.

This reminds me of a great sales book Influence by Robert Cialdini. I highly recommend this book for any aspiring salesman, honestly. The book teaches few tricks that is so simple, yet every great salesman do them. The core message is that human buys when their emotion was triggered.

I’m still optimistic, though, that if there were no devil for a day, all my pending invoices will be cleared within that day.