A journey of my life.

  • Leadership quality

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  • Loving People

    Loving People

    “The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” Bob Marley Good people, not perfect people, are who you want in your life. To find love you have to find the right people. People who are forgiving. And you have to make yourself more lovable. […]

  • Start small, grow big

    Always begin building your life bouquet from those flowers that are within reach. Dan Miller, 48 Days to the Work You Love This fine quote I came across from reading EntreLeadership. I feel like going to give this a try. People always talk about dream big and stuff, but they tend to forget it is […]

  • New journey

    I woke up in the morning of March 29th, thinking about what could happen on my next chapter in life. Today is my last day working in Amkor Technology Malaysia as a software engineer. There is so much things I enjoyed working here. Life must go on. I drop everything I excel at, and I […]

  • Focus on things you are able to do

    I recalled an interesting idea from The Daily Stoic. It is a good book, go ahead and read it if you are into philosophy, or interested in empowering yourself. One topic I found interesting is about taking control. The idea is we should be aware about what we can control. Every things that we choose […]

  • A year of using React

    Photo by Artem Sapegin / Unsplash For past few months I have been working for few clients, normally focusing on front end development. Previously on traditional HTML/CSS/JS method, this process would take long time as we need to repeat doing HTML stuff and at the same time figuring out responsive layout for major devices available […]

  • It is easy to say rather than doing

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  • Hospital Naluri is now live!

    Upgraded version of Hospital Naluri now has been deployed to production! The new version of Hospital Naluri is using Wagtail back end. I learned a lot while doing this project. Below are some of them. Development using Django-based Wagtail CMS. Particularly impressed by it’s form builder, streamfields and image resizing features. Deployment using Gunicorn + […]

  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to Klebang Desert, Malacca

    A deserted treasure There is a hidden place near Klebang Beach, Malacca that will bring you to world of desert (sort of). No official name, but people call it Klebang Desert (or "Padang Pasir Klebang" in local words). It is located in a private area, so no official sign board shown to visitors. You will […]

  • On Law of Attraction & Affection

    Photo by Casey Horner / Unsplash Imagine that you have a dream to be a great person who are willing to help the others living a happier life. You tell yourself that you will going to be that guy you wish to be. Every morning you remind yourself of that. Slowly your behavior starts to […]