Why your company needs a good documentation system

Hold your breath. Brace for programmer’s rant.

In my workplace, we are using old system for documentation. Programmers are forced to do documentation on Words, complete with before and after code. Note that we have to copy and paste all the changes. As the result, our productivity are not that good. Normally I would spend whole Friday to do documentations. Imagine spending 20% of working hours of whole week to do things you genuinely hate. Plus, we have no code standardization, so all the documentations are actually very hard to refer.

Clearly, our workplace need to step up it’s "technology" as we are IT department. Fisrt, I will force all the programmers to use SVN and Project Management System (I’m considering Redmine) so this documentation hell can go straight down to drain. Later they can thank me when my project on installing Redmine is done.

Worth to mention that it is ridiculous to troubleshoot problems when our production line break this ingenious system that our company have. Hell, even my senior who has 8 years of working experience with this company, still refer to our section manager when our program breaks down. Then she would teach me, word by word. Thats gone a couple of minutes of her productivity.

This is why you need good documentation system that can be understand by fellow programmers. Not that we are lazy to learn, but because it is very hard to obtain the necessary information to overcome it.

Shazril Shohaimi

Certified tech nerd, who likes to meet people and discussing possibilities. Passionate at helping business grow in online. Friendliest person at Majiska Digital Solutions.