Hitchhiker’s Guide to Klebang Desert, Malacca

A deserted treasure

There is a hidden place near Klebang Beach, Malacca that will bring you to world of desert (sort of). No official name, but people call it Klebang Desert (or "Padang Pasir Klebang" in local words). It is located in a private area, so no official sign board shown to visitors. You will enter as a trespasser. Don’t worry, there is no guard to shoot you down.

Accessing to this area is brilliantly explained in other blog, so please refer there if you are planning to visit.

Beautiful scenery

This man made desert has a unique scenery, especially for nature lovers. It has its own desert-like features such as oasis, a lot of sand dunes and hot-ness. You are welcome to bring your own camel for selfie, so that you can claim you were in Sahara. Instant +100 FB likes.

During my short visit there, I did not find any sort of scorpion or rattlesnake. Or quicksand. So it is safe to bring toddlers there. Just make sure to keep an eye on them all the time because I am pretty confident that toddlers do not know the difference between sand and grain sugar.

Oh my skin!

There is no any kind of shelter from the blazing sun beam. I’d recommend to apply some SPA before going out from your car. Also, bring your own water and parasol. Because like in real desert, water is a scarcity and parasol can act as sword in case of random vulture trying to eat you alive.

The desert sand is actually a beach sand. Please just wear sandal/flip flop here as sand here will fill in your shoes in matter of seconds. On flat area, it is more convenient to walk using them. The problem arises when ascending/descending the sand dunes. It more comforting to walk on your bare feet. But, be extremely cautious of the sand.

You will need to train walking barefeet on the tar road at 12 noon for a month in order to build up skin tolerence. As in actual beach sand, there are many small, cute but pointy clam shell that will happily rip and tear your heavenly made beautiful feet skin. Scary isn’t it? Now, have you considered to insure your feet skin?

Final verdict

For me it is worth a visit. I’d come on other day to get some sunset pictures because it was about to rain when I arrived there. Klebang desert is an ideal place to perform blood sacrifice ritual to end our current economic downturn to have a family or wedding portrait. At the time I’m writing this piece of guide, you can visit it for free of charge. Maybe the land is more profitable if someone decided to put an entrace ticketing fee. Or convert the whole land to solar farm. Or as a SpaceX landing site.

I was lucky to visit the desert while it was free from capitalist dirty hands.

PS: I took that Google Street View! Weeewooooo.

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