A year of using React

turned on MacBook Air displaying coding application
Photo by Artem Sapegin / Unsplash

For past few months I have been working for few clients, normally focusing on front end development. Previously on traditional HTML/CSS/JS method, this process would take long time as we need to repeat doing HTML stuff and at the same time figuring out responsive layout for major devices available on market.

The decision to study React came after reviewing StackOverflow 2018 Developer Survey. React was voted #2 in “Most Loved Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools” and scored #1 in “Most Wanted Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools”. Developers are more likely to reuse React in future project, and the industry is highly demanding for people with React in their skill set. This translates to investing on React in long term will result in more job opportunity and healthy ecosystem in the future.

There are tons of benefits of using React. One of them is React promotes component reusability. This means ┬áDRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) concept is emphasized from the start. In the long run, it will save developers’ time if it implemented well.

I have a strong faith that React will dominate the front end development market. Even though the front end framework evolves pretty fast, React will able to survive the wave as it has a strong community and stable API, backed by dedicated team in Facebook.

Shazril Shohaimi

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