2015 Must have Google Chrome extensions

Here is my must have Google Chrome extension list of this year. Feel free to suggest your own in comment section!

Security and Privacy


Block annoying ads from being displayed on your screen. I prefer this ad blocker from Ad Block Plus because the later extensions enabled whitelisted ads by default. µBlock also uses less memory footprin, and give faster performance than ABP (source).


Hide your PC from being tracked by various trackers.

Function enhancement

Image Zoom

Preview images when hovering on image links and thumbnails.

Save to Pocket

Cross-platform bookmark-replacement tools. Easily bookmark a link so you can read it later!

Emoji Input

Displays Emoji in Google Chrome, as well as use it in text boxes!

Reddit Enhancement Suite

For Redditors, this is a must have tools. Makes your Reddit browsing experience better than ever!

Chrome Remote Desktop

Easily remote your desktop from outside, whenever you want to.


Your Quality for YouTube™

Disable auto quality adjustment in Youtube.

Web Development


Displays web technologies being used on a website. Useful to check what CMS being used.


Displays and validate JSON formatted data.

Validate all links in current page so you can fix them before launching your site online!

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