Hospital Naluri is now live!

Upgraded version of Hospital Naluri now has been deployed to production! The new version of Hospital Naluri is using Wagtail back end. I learned a lot while doing this project. Below are some of them. Development using Django-based Wagtail CMS. Particularly impressed by it’s form builder, streamfields and image resizing features. Deployment using Gunicorn + …

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Handling overloading work

Currently I have been assigned with so many jobs. Some of them requires me to do some research, which could prolong my overdue date. I hate delaying my work. This makes me feel pressured more than I thought. How do you guys handle overwhelming task that have due date within a month?

Why your company needs a good documentation system

Hold your breath. Brace for programmer’s rant. In my workplace, we are using old system for documentation. Programmers are forced to do documentation on Words, complete with before and after code. Note that we have to copy and paste all the changes. As the result, our productivity are not that good. Normally I would spend …

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