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  • Start small, grow big

    Always begin building your life bouquet from those flowers that are within reach. Dan Miller, 48 Days to the Work You Love This fine quote I came across from reading EntreLeadership. I feel like going to give this a try. People always talk about dream big and stuff, but they tend to forget it is […]

  • Focus on things you are able to do

    I recalled an interesting idea from The Daily Stoic. It is a good book, go ahead and read it if you are into philosophy, or interested in empowering yourself. One topic I found interesting is about taking control. The idea is we should be aware about what we can control. Every things that we choose […]

  • It is easy to say rather than doing

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  • Pushing oneself out of comfort zone

    It is easy to live in our own comfort zone. Everything is scripted. Everything is perfect. Living in this zone will set our mind to auto drive mode. This way of dangerous. We will become a creature of habit, trying to survive this life with minimum risk which eventually leads to boring and unfulfilling life. […]

  • Three worst addictions in the world

    Credit to: The Ten Most Important Books To Expand Your Brain