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  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to Klebang Desert, Malacca

    A deserted treasure There is a hidden place near Klebang Beach, Malacca that will bring you to world of desert (sort of). No official name, but people call it Klebang Desert (or "Padang Pasir Klebang" in local words). It is located in a private area, so no official sign board shown to visitors. You will […]

  • Smart Tag beeping more than 1 time?

    Recently my Smart Tag was behaving weirdly. Normally after passing through toll’s gate, Smart Tag device will beep once. But that day, it beeped more than one time. 2-5 times to be honest. But don’t worry, it just an indicator that the battery is weak. Eventhough the battery status shows ‘Hi’, more than once beep […]