Focus on things you are able to do

I recalled an interesting idea from The Daily Stoic. It is a good book, go ahead and read it if you are into philosophy, or interested in empowering yourself. One topic I found interesting is about taking control.

The idea is we should be aware about what we can control. Every things that we choose to do, it should be based on our reason. It doesn’t matter whether the reason is based on logical or emotion. The reason that we believe it is necessary to be done.

Can you control how the other’s person behavior? Only that person can control herself. Can you control how your body/health going to be? In some time our muscle won’t move like we wanted to. What we can do then?

We can only control our mind. How we think, how we precieve an event, how we process information, these are things that IN control. We must spend our time to cultivate our minds. Once we developed our minds to greatness, we will be able to control our actions. Our body, and other person reactions are reflects of our way of thinking.

I found myself being less stressed by reminding myself to focus on my tasks on hand. I used to have this paralysis by analysis syndrome, where I tend to overthink and anticipated a lot of stuff. It is really exhausting to unable to take any action because of incomplete data. So I have changed my method. I would do things heads on, solve the current issue, learn from failure then move on to next thing.

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Shazril Shohaimi

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