My rMBP display failed :(

Last weekend, my Macbook Pro displays nothing. I defenitely can see OSX boots normally using HDMI cable, but my monitor displays absolutely nothing. Even sometimes the Apple logo at the back is not shining. I have tried reset SMC and reset NVRAM but my rMBP’s monitor still not showing up anything.

My guess is someone accidentally dropped my Mac, as I examined there was a dent at bottom corner of the case. I noticed my MBP was moved from its usual location when I arrived home last Saturday.

The next day, I went to Apple Service Center near Mid Valley. The service guy examined the damage and I was so lucky the dent was at the bottom of the case, not anywhere near the monitor. He said I can get my Macbook’s monitor replaced for free as the damage is being covered by the warranty. When he powered on my MBP, the display now shows distorted stripes like below.

Alt Quick google image search shows how my monitor looks like when turned on at Apple Service Center"

So guys, be careful of your precious MBP, and make sure your Apple Care warranty alive in case something bad happens.

Update: (Jan 24th 2015):

Picked up my MBP. They replaced the screen, and everything now looks so juicy in the eye! All fixed for no cost. Thanks Machines Service @ Mid Valley!

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