Less perceiving leads better life

Everyday we learn something. Today, I learnt that I must remind important details, and assuming human would forget them.

Last week, I have told my girlfriend that my family will meet her family this Wednesday or Thursday. Assuming she remembers it, I told her the details of the event without mentioning the event will occur on Wednesday.

This leads her prepared everything: cooking, arranging her house and family, etc. But we totally forgot that we are going to meet on Wednesday, not today. Until she asked what ETA of my family arriving, then I realized that we made a huge mistake. It was too late, too.

Now what going to happen with all the foods? I never know since it is too awkward to talk about it. I could not imagine what going to happen on Wednesday. Are we going to have normal coversation, or awkwardly trying to avoid today’s blunder?

So, I’ve learnt a hard lesson today. Always mention the important detais all over again, because we human tends to forget if not being reminded.

Shazril Shohaimi

Certified tech nerd, who likes to meet people and discussing possibilities. Passionate at helping business grow in online. Friendliest person at Majiska Digital Solutions.