Fully turn off Logitech G430 microphone playback

I was pretty annoyed by Logitech G430 microphone playback. The sound is great, but it was ruined by noise coming from microphone. I said ‘was’ because I have found a way to disable it. So, here how you can do it.

  1. Right click the speaker button, choose Playback devices.
  2. On Playback tab, click Properties on Logitech device.

  3. Under Levels tab, set the Microphone slider to 0.

Voila! Now you will not hear your voice or any kind of distraction anymore while hearing music & gaming.

Shazril Shohaimi

Certified tech nerd, who likes to meet people and discussing possibilities. Passionate at helping business grow in online. Friendliest person at Majiska Digital Solutions.