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  • A year of using React

    Photo by Artem Sapegin / Unsplash For past few months I have been working for few clients, normally focusing on front end development. Previously on traditional HTML/CSS/JS method, this process would take long time as we need to repeat doing HTML stuff and at the same time figuring out responsive layout for major devices available […]

  • Smart Tag beeping more than 1 time?

    Recently my Smart Tag was behaving weirdly. Normally after passing through toll’s gate, Smart Tag device will beep once. But that day, it beeped more than one time. 2-5 times to be honest. But don’t worry, it just an indicator that the battery is weak. Eventhough the battery status shows ‘Hi’, more than once beep […]

  • 2015 Must have Google Chrome extensions

    Here is my must have Google Chrome extension list of this year. Feel free to suggest your own in comment section! Security and Privacy µBlock Block annoying ads from being displayed on your screen. I prefer this ad blocker from Ad Block Plus because the later extensions enabled whitelisted ads by default. µBlock also uses […]